Friday, November 3, 2017

Postcards for Halloween

171021-171026 from Jarina 0064

I do know who! Smile 
This Halloween card came from Jarina in the Netherlands.

171012-171017 from Jarina 0063

And so did this one – “Kindheitsfantasien” by Gerhard Glück

171021-171027 from John 1724

This Welsh dragon came flying in from Britain - sent by John

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the Weekend 59: Anything You Wish


  1. I love them all!
    The one in the middle is new to me but seems to be from the German publisher house 'Inkognito', is it? That's one of my most favourite postcard publishers, as they bring a lot of smiles :-)

    1. That's right, Heleen - it is an 'Inkognito' card.
      (That meant nothing to me so I did not include that info...)

  2. I love the ladybug houses so much!! That is my favorite. And I love the man watching them.

  3. When I was little, I truly believed there were tiny houses like the ones in the "Kindheitsfantasien" in the woods. They were my Kindheitsfantasien just like the old man's in the picture.

    1. Meike, for me the scene reminds me of an illustrated children's book by Elsa Beskow but I think her little gnomes are wearing hats looking like mushrooms rather than using them as houses... (but my memory is not really clear on where they lived) The gnome riding on a snail reminds me of Michael Ende's Die Unendliche Geschichte!

  4. they are all so cute, the little toad stool houses I love

  5. Very nice cards! I loved my first Halloween experience 4 days ago. I enjoyed taking photos of all the creative carving on pumpkins so I can very much relate on the first one now. :D

    1. Carving pumpkins not so much of a tradition here in Sweden... I have never done it :)


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