Wednesday, 30 January 2019

White Magic

Today I didn't get out until after 4 p.m., which just now means around sunset (the days getting noticeably longer now, compared to around Christmas). 

I went for a walk around the old cemetery, which always looks totally different and other-worldly when covered with freshly fallen snow.



As darkness falls, the 'Narnia' lamp posts are automatically lighted


  1. The shots look totally timeless. They could have been taken in any age. I like the one with the light! But my favorite is the second one.

  2. Did you have to walk home in the dark? Are there lights along the way, do you carry a flashlight?

    1. Ginny, I live only a few minutes walk from this place, so I was home again before it was dark. And yes, there are streetlights. The snow also reflects a lot of light; so on an afternoon like this, no need for a flashlight. If I know I'm going to be out when it's really dark (but I very rarely am) I may bright a flashlight. But more important in town is to wear reflex tags though (when crossing streets etc).

  3. Magic! One almost expects Mr Tumnus to turn up any moment, with his umbrella and his parcels.
    Here, it now gets dark at around 5:30 pm, as opposed to 5:00 which was not that long ago.

  4. these are amazing, I do love trees and all of these are so beautiful. the cemetary pics are so beautiful to...


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