Sunday, 13 October 2019

Inspired Sunday: Maglarp Medieval Church (Skåne, Sweden)

This church at Maglarp (F on the map) in Skåne, Sweden, dates back to around 1190. It was used as a parish church up to the year 1909, when a new church was completed. Between 1909 and 1971 the medieval church was abandoned. Only occasional services were sometimes held there in the summer. But in 1971 the church was restored both as a cultural heritage and to again serve as a parish church. So while on the one hand, electricity etc was installed; they also restored the original medieval characteristics - like old painted details on the vaults (which had in between been whitewashed and hidden).

The original architecture of the church was "Romanesque church with a broad west tower ". Over the years it has been rebuilt and extended.

The baptismal font, made of sandstone, is the oldest piece in the church; from the same time as the oldest parts of the church itself. 

The crucifix in the triumphal arch is from around 1450.

The altar is medieval and has a small built-in space for a relic (today empty). The altarpiece from 1759 was cut by a man who was an innkeeper but in his spare time also worked as a sculptor. 

The pulpit dates from 1568 and is one of the oldest in Sweden. The door to the pulpit was painted in 1639, so probably not added until then. (We found that door rather intriguing: Why a door when the stairs can be seen by those sitting in the pews  anyway?) 

The organ is from 1842 and was built by a well-known master from the city of Lund (whose name was also Lundh). He built around 25 organs; but this is the only one left (restored, and still used). The portraits on the facade of the balcony, by an unnamed artist, represent Christ and his disciples (plus one of Moses, added later).

There is a votive ship in this church as well (I showed another one of those in my post from Skanör church a couple of weeks ago). The brochures from the church do not mention how old the ship is.

(The facts in this post have been picked from brochures I got in the church; but the photos are my own.)

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  1. the outside is just plain beautiful. I love it! the inside is amazing, even the steps to the altar are beautiful... so much history and beauty and so very, very ancient.

  2. This church is amazing!! Almost like a church museum. I love the tour!

  3. That church is so old, especially valued for me as an American. I love historic buildings and I am happy the church is restored and also in use as a church again. It makes me wonder about the 24 organs of the 25 that no longer exist, they must have sad stories, but good this one is still in use.

  4. I'd say that man was very clever with his sculptures.

  5. Another splendid church. You really did see some some interesting ones on your travel. I do have a fondness for the votive boats.

  6. Thanks everyone. Yes we did see some really interesting and beautifully renovated old churches on this trip - and this was one of them. With most of the churches we visited, I knew little or nothing about them in advance - we just stopped to investigate when we happened to pass by one (several) that looked interesting. And with countryside churches you rarely know in advance if you're going to find them open to visitors or not. So each such stop is really a little adventure in itself :)


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