Monday, 14 October 2019

The Colours of Autumn

We've had a lot of rain lately - but also awesome autumn colours.
Here are some photos from my walks around town in October.

Through My Lens

Our World Tuesday Graphic


  1. Despite the weather there are some wonderful autumnal colours in your part of the world.

  2. It is all beautiful. My favorites are the mural, and numbers two and four.

  3. These are beautiful pictures, Monica! Here, autumn colours were slow in coming, but then it seems like trees and shrubs completely change from one day to the next. We were walking in the vineyards last Sunday, where there was still a lot more green around than what I expected.

  4. beautiful colors. I like 3 and 4 best.

  5. Beautiful photos! The colorful trees are so vivid against the gray sky. Lovely.

  6. Loving those colours, my favourite season.

  7. It's lovely to see autumn colors. I don't get to see much because much of New Zealand is covered with pines.

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