Saturday, 9 May 2020

A New Mural

There is a new mural in our city centre. I first noticed it on 25 April; and then I wasn't sure whether it was perhaps still a work in progress. It still looked the same yesterday, though; so I now assume the view of the town is intended to remain sketchy. (The photos above were taken yesterday.)

Doing a bit of research online, I found an article about it in the local paper from 22 April. Then the artist was still working on it. His name is Shai Dahan, and he has been the curator of our street art festivals in Borås since 2014.

It's a bit of a mystery to me that I missed this article when it was in the paper - but I was still relieved to find it now. Because at least that means that when I first noticed the mural, it really was brand new ;) (i.e. I had not been walking past it for weeks or months without paying attention...)

27 January, 2020
I also found proof among my own photos that back on 27 January, the wall was still plain white. 

(In case anyone is wondering, that rounded structure, formerly white, but now painted green, leads up to a parking-deck.)

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  1. I really love the sweet mural. And the horse and carriage really play tricks on your brain!

  2. I wonder - and hope the artist has not fallen ill, but that the view of the town is really meant to be like that and not filled with colour.

    1. Meike, I'm still not sure what to think - if the mural is supposed to be like that or if he's just not had time to finish it yet (for whatever reason). I guess time will tell! When the mural still looked the same two weeks after I first saw it, I just started thinking that okay, the sketchy silhouette part might be meant to reflect that the city IS a work in progress, and who knows what it may look like in the future... (There really is a lot of building and planning going on.)

  3. Great post !

  4. i always wonder when i see something new if it was there and i missed it.. i can't believe i missed the photo of the horse and buggy. I LOVE IT.. a beautiful mural and building

    1. Sandra, I'm not sure if that last photo of the horse and carriage has been published on my blog before. I know I've had several other photos of it, though - the sculpture has also been moved at least once, originally it was on display in another location.

  5. I don't remember the horse and buggy before either although with my memory..... The possibly unfinished mural would satisfy me in its present state. I find it quite moving.


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