Friday, 14 August 2020

Skywatch Friday



We're still having hot and sunny weather. The advantage of August is that the sun now sets earlier than it did back in June*, which may give an hour or so on the balcony in the late evening - with pleasant temperature and still enough light to read. (On a sunny summer afternoon it's way too hot to be out there - or even keep the door open.) With 18 balconies on the building,  a picnic table on the lawn beneath, and a football (soccer) ground nearby,  it can rarely be called "quiet time", though...

*At Midsummer, sunset was around 22:10 pm
*In Mid August, it is around 20:50

 SkyWatch Friday





  1. My parents' balcony is beautiful, too, but like yours, can not really be enjoyed on a hot summer's day - when temperatures reach above 30C (we had 36 or so this week), even in the shade of a large umbrella it is too hot to sit there.
    Sunset here is a lot earlier than in your parts; around 1/4 to nine this time of year. I've been out walking until 10:00 pm on Monday, it was still VERY warm even without the sun. Of course there is still plenty of light left after sunset, but by the time I was back home, it was fully dark, and the stars were out.

    1. Meike, even 28/29 day after day is quite enough to make me feel generally grumpy and not quite "myself"... I don't know how I'd handle 36!

  2. Beautiful sky, and I like the filtered view through your umbrella!

  3. Lovely skies!! I have the same flowers in the back yard and just love that shade of pink! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love how you have shaded your flowers, so fun and creative!

  5. Wonderful sky. Does anything change quite so quickly?

  6. Sweet sky! Great shots and love your flowers too! Great post~

  7. Pretty PINK flowers. Amazing view of the sky.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments :)


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