Monday, 21 September 2020

No Limit 2020 (1)

While most public events have been cancelled this year (you-all-know-why), our fourth (I think?) mural/street art festival in Borås, No Limit 2020 - Artscape Edition, was successfully held as planned this past weekend. And even the weather was in its best mood for it. So I went to have a little sneak peek already on the first day, which was Thursday. This time, the event did not take place in the city centre, but in a residential district within walking distance from there. (And from where I live, as well.)

The photos in this post are all from that first peek. I had no map with me then, and only visited some of the walls that were being painted. On Saturday I went back to see more. I'll save those photos for another post. And of course I also intend to go back to look at the finished murals, later on.

From a bridge over the railway, looking west
towards the residential district Norrby

(View looking north from the bridge)

Mural from a previous street art festival;
paying tribute to the town's textile industry heritage

Passing a pre-school where the children had
made their own contributions to the festival;
displayed on the balcony

Mural being painted on a wall
at a secondary school

The artist's car (I presume)
The blue and red ribbons were part of marking the "trail"
(which I wasn't really following that day)
Another artist at work!

The next building

And this one can be seen by cars passing on the main road

On my way back, I took a detour through a park
called "The park of the Senses"
(across the road from that blue wall above)

Sculpture in that park, called "The Whisperer"

I think I have blogged about this sculpture some time in the past (years ago), mentioning that the creature reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. However, the sculpture predates the films! (The thing he is spitting into is supposed to be an ear, I think.)

Looking back along the street - and the blue gable stands out...

Finishing off with some photos of older houses along the main street here, which always kind of remind me of England rather than being typically Swedish - because of being attached, and yet painted in different colours, and with different kinds of doors. As a whole, this part of town mixes rather varied types of architecture from different eras.

I'll include a bit more info on the participating artists in later posts - when you can also see more of the result of their efforts :)  In this post, I just wanted to take you along to see what I saw... (and as I had no map/brochure then, I had no idea what I was looking at either!)


  1. I can't wait to see the finished newall's and to me the Contraptions that the artists are standing on are as much art as what they're painting. Your photos of it makes it art. I think my favorite photo of all is the Shadows on the last house which is the last photo on the blog but what a beautiful day and a beautiful place to walk and enjoy a beautiful day

    1. Sandra, yes - it was a good day for shadows as well as for murals! :)

  2. Thank you for taking us along, Monica! It was interesting to see a part of your town we are less familiar with. I like the Whisperer, but I don't like Gollum. Great to see work in progress, some of those murals are already beautiful even in their unfinished state.

    1. Meike, it's always fun when one gets the opportunity to see the artist at work - not yet knowing exactly what the end product is going to be!

  3. What a great project, the themes look attractive and not political, which is refreshing, and it is fun to see the works in progress. I thought Gollum when I saw that weird sculpture.

    1. Terra, it was hard to say at this early stage (the first day) what the themes were supposed to be. But the finished project got positive criticism on national TV.

  4. Linking to Through My Lens 258
    (I meant to edit this link into the post but for some reason Blogger would only show the HTML view and would not let me switch to 'compose' view...)

  5. I really look forward to seeing what these murals become. I love the houses. They are so unique and lovely. Yes, I do see Golum in this statue. It is so cool how you captured the zig zag shadow of the crane on the wall!

    1. Ginny, yes, I enjoyed capturing the shadows as well!

  6. I enjoyed seeing a part of your town that I hadn't seen before. Interesting to see the works in progress. I do wonder what that blue gable will produce. And I thought the shadows of that telescopic cherry picker really add to the art work!I look forward to seeing the finished results.

  7. Thanks Pauline. I'm looking forward to that too! (haven't been to see them all finished myself yet)

  8. It reminds me of our street arts project that various parts of NZ have had, it all looks good, we need more murals.

    1. Amy, Borås has been working hard the past 10-12 years or so on building a reputation as a modern and art-focused city, including a lot of public street art like sculptures and murals. This year's festival may have been extra appreciated as it was something that could be carried out in spite of so many other cultural events this year having been cancelled. Plus, for those who could not be there to watch the artists at work, the murals will still be there to explore later.


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