Sunday, 24 January 2021

Don't Try This At Home

Back in December, a week or so before Christmas, when walking across the old cemetery nearby (as I often do), I noticed that they had just been trimming hedges, and I got the idea to pick up some branches for a winter decoration on my balcony. I found a vase-like ceramic pot in my basement storage room to put them in, and thought it looked really good...

... until the outdoor temperature dropped after New Year, and one morning...

(I did not hear the pot cracking during the night... I hope no one else did either!) 

Lesson learned... Branches still standing, but transferred to a more flexible container: 

(plastic pot within one made of felt fabric)


  1. It does look really good, like it just came from a florist. What a great idea this was! But too bad about the frozen pot!

  2. A pretty winter decoration for your balcony, with the felt making it look even more wintery. And one item less in your storage room...

  3. it is gorgeous, I love it and would like it inside my house. poor pot, and it was a nice one. we don't have those type bushes here, but I will keep and eye out on my walks for other types that might work and no ice to worry about

  4. oh wow it must've been cold there, I'm wishing I was there.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think the same could have happened to me. Good lesson learned.

  6. They do look good but I find I have to be careful with some of those evergreens because they bring out nasty sore blotches on my skin. I was just commenting on another blog that sometimes at this time of year, if we have fruit tree prunings, we pick a few of the nicest bits and bring them inside in water are they burst into Spring early.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. - TD, I always wear gloves or mittens outdoors this time of year, and I also wore either garden gloves or nitrile rubber ones when I handled the branches at home. As I have some allergies I'm always a bit extra careful. (And that's also why I put them outdoors on the balcony rather than indoors...)


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