Tuesday, 9 March 2021



We still seem to be stuck in between winter and spring here, a kind of non-season that does not inspire much photography. On Saturday, the sunset seen from my living room window was quite spectacular for a while, though.

On the whole, Nature as well as People just seems to be waiting for Things to improve. The snow went away, there was spring in the air for a while, but then it got colder again. Today when I went out there was a flurry of snow whirling about again, and I also noticed that it was very silent - the birds seemed to have put their singing on hold as well.

Yesterday (sunny but rather chilly) I walked into town after lunch. My main errand was to a chemist's shop for a some medical & hygiene supplies; that's about as exciting as life gets nowadays. On my way back I also passed my favourite tea shop, though, and noticing that there were no other customers at the moment, I took the opportunity to pop in there as well, and was happy to be able to add two little packets of tea to my booty. Shops here now have to limit the number of customers to the size of the place; for the tiny tea shop that means only one or perhaps two at the same time. I noticed they had moved their queue ticket machine outside.

I can't remember when I last went into a shop to just "have a look"... (If I don't know exactly what it is I'm after, I don't go in.)

In spite of various restrictions we still seem to be on our way into a third wave of covid here, the numbers increasing again. The good news (I just watched another one of the twice-weekly corona-related press conferences on TV that have become routine ever since last spring) is that death numbers are going down, though - assumed to be related to successful vaccination of old people in care homes, or with home care (and of staff working with those people). Vaccination has been going a bit slower than first estimated though, because of delays in delivery of the vaccines. As 65+ I'll be in the next priority group, but probably at the bottom of it (as they'll be going from older to younger). So I'm expecting to have to wait a while yet before it's my turn. 


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  1. Our weather and the overall situation seems to be rather similar to yours, Monica.
    That sunset is spectacular!
    I have not gone into a shop without really needing/wanting something in ages, either; my only regular shopping is for food these days, once a week with sometimes a second trip for fresh stuff before the weekend.

  2. your life sounds pretty much like my life right now... but i do have sunshine every day to point out pretty things.. and not as cold as you are. our world is still in chaos and makes me wonder if/when it will ever end

  3. Stunning colour in the sky. We too seem to be stuck between winter and spring. I am very impatient this year for spring to arrive. Maybe it's because I, like many others, have spent far too much time indoors. But I am also cold and want warmer temperatures. Even a little warmer will be good. Have a nice week.


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