Thursday, 15 November 2012

Booking Through Thursday – Where??

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading, hosted by Deb. Her question this week is not about what or why or when, but where to read:

What’s your favorite place to read? Do you have more than one? Can you read anywhere, or do you need things to be “just right?”

Bonus points for sharing a photo of your favorite spot. (grin)

I’m afraid I do fall into the category of readers now who need things to be “just right”. I was more flexible about that when younger, but now, with a combination of neck- and eye-problems, I find it difficult to read anywhere and at any time.


In daylight, I prefer sitting in my lounger in the livingroom (also my TV-chair), with the book/Kindle on a pillow on my lap; or sometimes lying down on the couch behind it. Both these places make good use of the light from the window. A third alternative (preferred at night and in the morning) is my bed in the bedroom.


Lying on the bed I face the window, which is not optimal for reading – but all the more perfect for listening to audio books… watching the clouds drift by in the sky… or the raindrops on the window.

PS. One place for reading I never understood is the bath tub. How do people DO it without getting the book all wet? Now I just have a shower and there I definitly do not read ;) …


  1. Looks comfy!

  2. Your chair looks really comfortable!

    I read in the bathtub—very carefully! I admit, though, that sometimes I've gotten a book wet when I've fallen asleep and dropped it...

  3. Your reading corners look inviting and comfy. I no longer read in bed, the old back won't allow it, however I do love to cuddle up with the Lazy Boys and let them hold me.

  4. i do the same as you, i have a chair, the sofa and the bed, and different times of the day and different light tells me which to pick. if bob is not here i use the sofa because Jake wants me in the living room, if bob is watching TV i lay on the bed if the sun is out, or in the bedroom chair if i need a lamp.
    but i can read anywhere, car, doctor office, back yard swing.

  5. I do have a favorite spot at home....but in nice weather love to go to Descanso Gardens and read by the pond.

  6. I once saw a photo somewhere (must be from Controversial Libraries or Book Riot, I forgot) which shows a bathtub with something that's especially made to hold a book. It was suspended right into where a bather's face/eyes would be.

    I went to your Greetings From the Past blog. Wish I understood the language but the history lover in me enjoyed the photos very much. Thanks.

    1. Hazel, my Greetings from the Past blog is bi-lingual, every post has at least a summary in English. With some posts it's the other way round (the main text in English, the summary in Swedish) - that depends a bit on the sources I've been using.

  7. Ah, so nice to have a good read. I've all those books piling up and looking at me invitingly ...

  8. I think I could read anywhere except the bath tub, but my favourite place to read is in bed.
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and have a lovely weekend!

  9. I read anywhere except the bath (which I rarely use anyway much preferring to shower.

  10. I've never read in the bath tub either. I've preferred showers for years though.

  11. My favourite reading place is my bed, where I only read at night for a while before going to sleep, never in the morning or during the day (except for those very rare occasions when I am ill). For my lunch break, my favourite reading place is the old armchair in my living room; it has featured on my blog with picture and all.
    When I am travelling, I always have my Kindle with me and can read anywhere, no matter whether I am seated or standing. I also read while at a doctor's waiting room, while at the hair dresser's, and so on.
    Here in my flat, I only have a shower, but at my old place, I used to have a bathtub and I absolutely LOVE reading in the bath. I think I only once managed to get a book a bit wet. I mean, why should it happen? You know where the water is, you know your hands are holding a book, so why drop it?

  12. I've never ever tried an audio book. I still have to have the book in my hand, and my favorite place to read is on the couch with the patio windows to my back during the day...and at night, I read with tons of pillows propped up behind me on my bed.


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