Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend Reflections: November


A puddle reflection for Weekend Reflections

It’s November. This is about as exciting as it gets!

We’ve had a grey week and an even greyer weekend.
Earlier in the week I did a bit of early Christmas shopping and even had an attack of creative mood and got started on my Christmas cards…
Today however it’s been so dark it’s felt like evening all day, and I’ve just been sleeping and reading and sleeping (yes I know I already said sleeping, but I fell asleep again!) - with pauses for breakfast and lunch - until finally, around 3 pm, I got myself out on a short walk while there seemed to be a break in the rain. But of course someone turned on the tap again while I was still out.

The book I’m engrossed in at the moment (when not nodding off to it) is The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper (2010), which I downloaded for free to my Kindle from Amazon.

It’s the first in a series and of course only the first is free… Remains to be seen if I get caught up in it enough to buy the next two. It’s a British children’s fantasy book, involving Celtic and classic folklore and mythology, and “so far, so good”… One thing I do like about my Kindle is the direct access to dictionary and Wikipedia while reading… not least when one keeps coming across hamadryads, spriggans, bogies, brownies and the like ;) Even if (or because) each fantasy writer may give mythical creatures his/her own twist, I enjoy learning about the sources as well.


  1. Cool reflection and nice sharing on your reading !

  2. Nice reflection... I need to get back to reading again. The perfect weather for it!!

  3. My day was very similar to yours, only that in addition to reading and eating, I played my favourite computer game for hours, and I never left the house yesterday. It was raining non-stop, and since I'll be away all week for work, I indulged myself with a super-lazy day :-)

  4. since i got my kindle i have found that carrot dangling out there, when they give us the first in a series free.... so far i have only bought one book and that was the free edition of Photoshop elements 10. got it for 2.99 and downloaded the kindle app on my PC and now i can read it and follow the instructions, no kindle needed.

  5. Now that really is a November picture!

  6. Spriggans were a new species to me. Cornwall seems to have a lot of different little folk in its legends and lore.


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