Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekend Reflections: Buddy Bears


It seems Buddy Bears will be invading our town this December, replacing the usual Santaland in the town square. I found this preview of miniatures in a window belonging to the tourist office.


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  1. In France we have have Cows and Menhirs, in the same pop art BS.

    I don't get this marketing success.

  2. these are beautiful, i went over to see what the buddy bears are, so now i am excited they are coming to you so you can show them to us... can't wait to see the big bears, these little ones are perfect. i love all the pop art you have there

  3. se qu ils sont beaux ces ours ;o)

  4. When it comes to Christmas and the pre-Christmas period, I must admit I am rather conservative and like the traditional ornaments, but the bears do have a certain festive look about them.

  5. Always nice to have a buddy...especially at Christmas.

    They are very cute and unique.

  6. Liverpool has had its superlambananas for a few years now (and the occasional load of penguins!). I wonder which was the first town to come up with this idea?

  7. It seems that everyone is now getting on the bandwagon. I'm sure I've blogged on something similar in Bordeaux.


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