Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Here We Go Again


Feeling a bit on edge tonight… Just broke another tooth a couple of hours ago. (No, not on toast this time; but equally unexpected.) Another ten hours to go until I can phone the dentist’s. Hopefully I’ll sleep through at least some of them! I’m not in pain (think it must be another root-filled tooth) but the edges on what’s left of the tooth feel as sharp as this tulip looks. (Wondering if it’s possible to put a sticking-plaster on one’s tongue??)


  1. I had this happen once. The sharp edges of the broken tooth sliced through my lower lip, bleeding ensued. Seems our local E.R. Does not have an on call dentist. I am glad you are at least not in pain. Guess the fillings are getting really old? The tulip is fantastic, I have never seen one like it!!! Gorgeous!!! Be careful chewing, better yet eat baby food type stuff till you see the dentist.

  2. oh no not another one! hope you are sleeping by now and can get in really quickly. maybe a plaster on the tip of the tooth, or glue? as in the kind that gets hard? beautiful flower.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry... Been there done that... I just got partials filling in some missing teeth I had. Same problem..Old root canals that the tooth broke away from. Glad you're not in paid..but the old tongue sure can's stay away from a broken tooth or sharp edge. Hopefully you'll get it taken care of soon.

    I think the tulip you posted is better than the one in your mouth..haha.

  4. HaHa! I meant to say "Glad you are not in pain...not paid! That will go to the dentist.

  5. Hope you slept ok, Monica!
    By the time I am typing this, I guess you have already made an appointment with your dentist and your broken tooth will soon be sorted out.

  6. UPDATE: Thanks all. I slept like a baby, i.e. biting on the corner of a handkerchief (to protect my tounge from my tooth) and waking up frequently... A dental nurse managed to glue the broken-off crown back on temporarily this morning and I've got a proper appointment with the dentist tomorrow at noon. Until then I'm still on baby food (no chewing) but at least my tongue is safe from the sharp edges.

  7. So sorry to hear about your broken tooth...at least you're not in pain.
    Hope it gets fixed soon, and that you'll be able to eat regular food again.


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