Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I received this postcard yesterday (a postcrossing card sent from Belarus). It didn’t really strike me as great art at first. But then I did not really see ‘the whole picture’ - even though it was all there. Not until I googled the name of the artist (Oleg Shuplyak) for more pictures, and got a clue what to look for.

Now I’m curious… Did you see “it” at first glance?
And did a second glance make any difference?

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps this website will do the trick for you (as it did for me):



  1. i don't see the illusion in this one, but i did go to the other site and see what he does and i still don't see it. i am not good at things like this, seeing them i mean

  2. I did not need to follow the link to the website; the "other picture" was quite obvious to me. The style of the drawing/painting is so NOT my thing that I am not surprised at your first reaction.

    1. The website shows several more of his paintings, some of which I found more to my liking than this one, Meike. Not in the sense that I'd love to have them on my wall and looking at them all the time - but in the way of recognizing some of them as quite clever, and definitely leaving me with impressions to think about. When looking at the website I found that I saw the faces better in the small pictures. I can imagine that when seeing the pictures hung in an exhibition hall, it would be interesting to go back and forth and check at what distance you see what...

  3. What interesting paintings....I enjoyed looking through the website.
    You are receiving lots of cards that are providing learning lessons for all of us.....thanks.

  4. I really like what he does. Thank you for posting this.

  5. I have always enjoyed these.

  6. For me the illusion only worked once I stood up and made some steps back from my monitor. Great effect I must say. And that site has some real gems!


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