Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bringing In Spring





It may be too early yet to start looking for proper signs of spring outside… But as usual around this time of year, I try to bring some spring feeling into my kitchen.

Nothing much going on otherwise – except I’m almost getting dizzy from watching hours of Olympic figure ice skating (going round-and-round-and-round). I really don’t know why I got so mesmerized by it this year. (I guess partly because it happens to have been on at a time of day – late afternoon/early evening – when I’ve been home but too tired to do much else anyway.)

Foto: Alexander Demianchuk

Alexander Majorov did well for Sweden today in the men’s short program (no 10 out of 30 and flawless performance).


  1. I love that first photo and your kitchen is now shouting welcome spring.. so bright and cheerful.... the window ledge looks great.

  2. Oh you have a darling kitchen that just says happy. The flowers are beautiful.

    I've been enjoying the Olympics, especially the ice skating. Wonderful.

  3. Compared to yours, my flat looks lifeless; there is only one plant in here at the moment, and that is the orchid I have been given to my birthday a few years ago. It has been flowering for months now but hardly evokes any kind of spring atmosphere. Your pictures have made me want to get a few primula for the windowsill, preferably in yellow. Your kitchen looks so welcoming with the yellow curtains and pretty table cloth. Happy spring to you, Monica!

    1. Thanks Meike. I have always found plants to make a big difference in a home. I'm used to having some in every window. So one of the things I appreciate in the flat where I live now is the rather deep marble window sills! :)

  4. Very nice! Your kitchen looks very familiar :-)
    Me too, I am waiting for the colours of spring outside. As our winter is quite mild this year (Germany's south-west), it won't be long, I hope. The yellow jasminum nudiflorum is blazing anyway, also the violet aubrieta in the stone garden is bloming is cascades already - and the first primulas...
    Have a nice valentine!

    1. We've been having a "mild" winter too, Mo, but a long way to go yet before we see any flowers outside I think (except perhaps snowdrops).

  5. It sure is looking like springtime inside your home with the lovely flowers.

  6. The flat certainly looks springlike with yellow curtains and flowers. As for the winter Olympics I haven't seen a single thing.


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