Monday, 24 February 2014

Early Spring

Last year we had an extremely cold and dry spring, with ice still floating in the river towards the end of March. In spite of the sun shining a lot, it was so cold that the ground didn’t thaw, and many plants and bushes died because they got kind of freeze-dried.

This year, we’ve had an unusually mild February with very little snow around here. The last couple of weeks or so it’s mostly been raining (even if not quite as much as in England). Today for a change the sun paid us a visit, and the temperature rose to around +9°C.

After my regular visit to the rehab-pool I decided to walk home, and on my way I passed several gardens where the snowdrops had come out to greet the sun. I didn’t have my camera (don’t usually take it with me to the hospital) but I took this with my mobile:


I was also both amused and bemused by this sight (really no need of a snow shovel just lately):



  1. We had some trees blossoming here in the south. Spring is slowly announcing itself.

  2. I am happy for you that spring is beginning to put in an appearance.
    Loved the Someone did a Good Job photo...chuckle chuckle.

  3. Someone did a VERY good job :-D
    Our weather must be, all in all, rather similar to yours, Monica. Last year, our spring was terribly cold and dry well past what anyone was happy with. This year, maybe we've had a bit more sun than you, but generally a very mild and rather wet winter. Today, we're expected to see 10-12 Celsius.

  4. IT was a grand day here but it's very wet and windy again today.

  5. I'm looking at the tree photo and seeing a face with a really gnarly nose…and a little bit of something stuck in the teeth.


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