Friday 7 February 2014

Entrances (Friday My Town)


▲The entrance door of an old inn, now serving as summer café in our museum park. (The buildings in this park were moved here from various places in the countryside in the early 1900s, to be preserved for the future.)▼


The cellar door at the back of the same building ▼

2011-07-31 Ramnasjön Ramnaparken

Old wooden church originating from the 1690s, and a gate in the stone wall surrounding the churchyard.▼▼

2011-07-31 Ramnasjön Ramnaparken1


Old cottage of a kind that was in use in these parts of Sweden between the Middle Ages to the mid 1800s. The keyhole-shaped entrances were supposed to bring luck and represent wealth.▼


From a walk (last summer) in one of the older parts of Borås, with apartment blocks from the early 1900s. (Norrby, for those who are more familiar with the city.) I don’t think I’ve actually blogged about these before. ▼


I find these houses fascinating because of the variations of style within the same block – especially the entrance doors!






Friday My Town Shoot Out: Entrances


  1. these are all perfect for entrance Friday... I love the one just above the keyhole entrance and the keyhole house with the grass on the roof... and the painting on the inside to the first door... beautiful

  2. Wow, you have so many to choose from. That first photo looked like a window until the second shot showed it was a door. Love the old key hole shaped doors with green growing on the roof - very unique!

  3. The old cottage with the turf roof is really enchanting. I would love to try and build a modern version of this to live in - it just looks so magical. I love the variety of the hand made entrances, gates, locks, and so on.

  4. Turf roofs seem to have been a common theme with some of the Northern countries: good insulating properties. I have, as you know I think, always had a love of doors and windows as photograph subjects. I did at one time consider doing a collection of the ones I have but like so many things I never got round to it. It was good to see some on the suburban streets and houses as well. When people take photographs of the town and usually is all more 'interesting' parts which usually means the town centre or churches etc.

  5. what an interesting building, the cottage with turf roof.

  6. A lovely array of entrances, all of them so interesting. I like the turf roof. We saw some of these when visiting Norway. I started painting a series of ATC's of doorways a few years ago. It is not hard to find a great many for inspiration.

  7. Doors and doorways! That is so much "my" topic that I have even considered for a brief moment to join "FMTS". Yours are all so diverse and interesting, this is a great post!

  8. I loved these photo entrances...what struck me most was the big difference in architectural design from our houses here on the island.

  9. I love every building, door and entrance!

  10. I love everything here! Your photos are so beautiful.

  11. Love these shots. I am watching a TV series done in Sweden Wallander and loving it. Had to pick that old turf roof for a spotlight.

  12. I honestly cannot pick a favorite - these are all amazing!

  13. Sorry I'm so late getting around to visit, computer issues. What a great collection of entrances you had this week, love them all. Like several others I'm captivated by the cottage with the turf roof and quaint doors.


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