Friday, 25 April 2014

FMTSO: Let the Bells Ring

Even though no bells were actually ringing, seeing the church tower and the old phone booth in town today reminded me that it was Friday and My Town Shoot Out time:


 There’s not even a phone in the booth any more… It is just there to remind us of Old Times.

But you do remember who is given credit for the invention of the telephone in the first place , don’t you?
That’s right … Alexander Graham BellWinking smile


While there weren’t any bells ringing, there were other sounds to liven up the marketplace today:


The jazzy music also brought out two girls from a nearby toy store to give this little performance:

2014-04-25 rock'n'roll

Can you tell we’re all really happy to celebrate Spring?
(We’ve had beautiful sunny weather all week.)


(Oh, and there are actually bells ringing in the Town House every day at noon, I think. It’s just that I’m very rarely in town just around noon…)


  1. that phone booth is amazing, i have seen the red boxes but not one like this. i like the fact if i were there, i would know what it is because the word is easy to read even though I don't know the language.
    everyone in town square looks happy happy to see spring.... beautiful flowers behind the hoola hoop girls

  2. I adore the phone booth model and would gladly buy it and put it in my own yard!!! Did you know that Bell had one other competitor for the patent on the telephone, but Bell made it first just by hours. I think we read it in that Mitch Albom book.

  3. love the first shot and how cleaver of you to tie in Alexander Graham Bell.

  4. Thanks for the tour. Love that old phone box and the bell tower. Everyone wants to be out in the warmer weather, me included.

  5. What a splendid telephone booth and a bit more practical in some ways than the UK's red telephone box. I do love the sunshine!

  6. I think that first shot is a beauty! The telephone booth sure grabs the attention; great that it is left there as a reminder of days gone by, love its olde worlde look. Its dome looks similar in shape to the clock/bell tower in the background. Great composition. For once I wish I were doing the Spotlights, that's a sure fire hit in my book. But also loved the shots of happy people in the spring sunshine. It's still warm here, summer is clinging on.

  7. All I can do is agree with the others. It is a beautiful phone booth.

  8. Bells and their sound! I love them, and have posted about it a few years ago:
    The pictures show a well ordered town with happy looking people enjoying the spring; looks like a "relaxedly active" atmosphere. What I am very pleased about is to see the historic phone booth so clean and tidy. No graffiti sprayed on it, no rubbish collecting in its corners.
    After a sunny week with yesterday's temps reaching 23 Celsius, we are down to 12 Celsius today and a chilly grey sky. I'll probably still go for a walk when I'm done with my Saturday cleaning round.

  9. I love the phone's so different from any that we have here, which are all mostly the generic kind.
    I'm glad that even though it's no longer in use, that it wasn't scrapped.

  10. Love that old phone booth

  11. That phone booth is lovely. It reminds me of the ones we saw in Croatia. I hope that cities that still have them will continue to maintain them. To me, they are part of our history.

  12. The phone booth is a winner in your post. Beautiful shot and the feeling of spring comes through the computer to me and sure lifts my spirits even though it is pouring down rain here. Spring rains, however, are okay.


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