Sunday, 6 April 2014

Out and About Again, Looking for Spring

I went out for a walk yesterday (Saturday) to check for more signs of spring, and the result of the planting going on in the park earlier in the week.

These photos are all straight out of the camera as I wasn’t in the mood for editing just now.


Scilla trying to escape through a fence


The first cherry blossom buds are opening up! (Tall tree – I tried to zoom these in from way below. Not easy getting the focus right.)


Not sure what kind of bush this is.


Corkscrew hazel - Corylus avellana 'Contorta' (I think!)



Lots of pansies planted all over the Park




I wasn’t the only one Out and About


Also quite a few of these flower arrangements to be found here and there around town. This is one corner of the Main Square.


  1. love that corksrew tree and the trees at the park. every single photos is just beautiful. i do love to see your town all dressed up for spring. you live in a beautiful town.

  2. of your BEST!!! As I looked at each picture I said to myself....O.K., this is my favorite. Until they were all my favorites!! LOVE the little Scilla in the bed of dead leaves, looking for the fence..Is this tree where which hazel comes from?? Love the house on the hill with the pansy beds in front. The reflection in the river with the buildings and the long row of flowers is wonderful!!! I have not seen one flower here yet!! But some of the trees have started to bloom....cherry and pear.

  3. It must really cheer the soul to see all those flowers in bloom and the beautiful flower beds after all the snow you have had. Your town sure knows how to do good flower beds. I'd love to have raised flower beds, especially if they were like those in the last shot. You must have really enjoyed that walk.

    1. We had very little snow here this winter, Pauline. But nonetheless it's good to see some colour creeping back into the world after five months of dull winter weather.

  4. Oh my, each picture gets an A+ from me. It was wonderful to take this walk with you. Thanks.

  5. Such a wonderful view with the flowers around, I just love it!

  6. I think the picture of the plant you don't know the name of could be witch hazel (Zaubernuss in German), but I can't see the flowers close up enough to tell.
    The pansies in the park make it look so cheerful and beautiful, and they will look even more so in two weeks' time, when they have "settled in" properly!

  7. Meike you are probably right about the first of the bushes, with the yellow flowers, being witch hazel.

    I always find the names of these two hazels confusing and keep forgetting "which is witch" (ha), because here in Sweden, the contorted one is often popularly (though wrongly) called trollhassel (= bewitched hazel).

    (På svenska: No 1 = trollhassel, No 2 = ormhassel)

  8. It's lovely to see a town getting ready for spring and summer and casting off the mantle of dreariness that is winter.


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