Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday My Town: Museums

Over the past 1½ years or so, our Textile Museum has been in the process of moving across town, from this building …


… to the new Textile Fashion Center, where it will also be in easy access for the students at the Textile College, which has already moved in.


The museum has not yet been re-opened. Moving it was a really gigantic job, considering all the heavy machinery.

Three photos from the old museum, just to give you an idea… There are lots more old machines of similar size.




A few weeks ago, I went round the back of the ‘new’ premises and tried to peep in through the windows… My  attempts to take photos was not very successful, though. Too many reflections!


I’ll be back to post more about it after the official re-opening; which will take place at the end of May.

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  1. I love museums, and since you always write so well about the places you visit, I am really looking forward to your post about the newly opened textile museum.

    1. I'll be very curious to visit it again myself after the reopening, Meike. Possibly I'll even go to the official reopening ceremony, but then it's likely to be too crowded for good photos.

  2. That's quite the feat, moving the museum!!

    1. I actually really like that last shot - a hint of two worlds.... Textiles are interesting to study. Very complicated to manufacture. I've been to the silk factory in Como Italy, really enjoyed seeing the process.

    2. Sorry I put my comment in the wrong place.....

  3. can't wait to see inside the new one, i loved your shots of the old one. have they said what they will do with the old building?

  4. I am pretty certain that you will go as soon as the new one is open. I can't wait, they are a favorite post of yours. Perhaps they will even have some new things. What will go in the old building?

  5. That move will be a major feat, I imagine roofs lifted off and cranes! If they had to dismantle those huge machines it would be like a massive jigsaw puzzle putting them back together. I look forward to the re-opening.

  6. I can't imagine how those machines were moved! Can't wait to learn more about what's inside.

  7. I can't wait to see more photos of the museum!!

  8. Thanks all for your comments. As for what will go into the old building, I think it will probably be various kinds of offices/businesses. The museum did not take up quite the whole building before either.


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