Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It’s Hot






Just a short post to say that so far this week, things are going pretty much as planned. My brother is staying at the House, which has otherwise pretty much been emptied now (by hired help). We have kept a few basics though so that it works ok to be there. With the weather we’re having this week we’re spending most of the time outdoors anyway (in the shadowy corners of the garden!). 

We’ve arranged to meet with an estate agent on Thursday and before that we’re taking some time “off” – like going out for lunch, and seeing a bit of the countryside around town. Yesterday we had lunch at the Golf Club south of town -  the photos above are from the grounds near the club house and restaurant. And then we took a countryside detour back to the village/house, stopping at a couple of places on the way to take photos. I’ll get back to those in future posts.

Today we’ll be going to another countryside place for lunch so hopefully there will be even more photos.


  1. Monica, is that a dog swimming in the pond?
    It is hot here too. I hate to say it's too hot but it is.

    1. Adrian, at first when I read your comment I had no idea what you meant... dog, what dog? When I look again I see why you may have thought so. There's no dog swimming in the pool, though. It's just a small waterjet / fountain thingy at the edge of the pond to keep the water in motion.

  2. enjoy your visit with your brother, you can blog when the weather gets bad.. these photos are gorgeous and it may be hot but it is stunning to look at...

  3. Gosh! This wonderful sky! And the grass greener than green. I should have guessed that it was a golf course! They are the prettiest and best places to be, also cemeteries. I think if someone loses their ball in this water, they are not getting it back! Wonder if they dredge it once in awhile? I am excited about your upcoming pictures, I LOVE seeing Boras!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you have some sunny weather, even though it's hot it's still nice :)

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  6. Country walks and outdoor lunches and so on - summer at its best!

  7. I hope you are having a great summer, and I'm glad to read that the work in the house has dwindled down. Those are some beautifully kept golf courses.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. Well Monica I'm writing this on the 29th and it's raining and 16 deg this afternoon (though it was a bit warmer earlier when the sun made a very brief appearance). I was thoroughly enjoying our brief spell of hot weather. This weather should be on its way to you soon id the usual weather patterns hold.


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