Tuesday 27 January 2015

Teaser Tuesday (Jan 27)


• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page

“She found it absolutely necessary to speak to him instantly. She did not care in the least what nonsense it might make, or what dislocation it might inflict on the narrative.”

Virginia Woolf – Orlando: A Biography

I’m enjoying this classic a lot more than I thought I would. Not very far to go to finish it now (35 minutes or so, my Kindle suggests).

(Because I’m reading on Kindle, I pick the teaser from just about where I am in the book, rather than open it to a ‘random’ page.)


  1. I like the teaser, I haven't read this one so it's good to hear you are enjoying it more than you expected to. Here is my TT https://cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/teaser-tuesday-january-27/

  2. I have heard of this book, and see it a lot!

  3. "For me?" she said. She couldn't believe it. Tears stung her eyes. She was thirty years old and she hadn't been given flowers by a man since Lincoln Brown picked her up for the prom and brought a wrist corsage." The Island by Elin Hilderbrand... A easy read and full of interesting characters.

  4. My current physical book is still "Radetzkymarsch" by Joseph Roth, so, no teasers from a German book on here. But my current kindle read is English. Here goes:
    "I crawled out of my pit of despair, inch by ugly inch. In time, Dad talked me into going back to school, but I couldn't see myself as a future accountant anymore."
    (From "Design on a Crime" by Ginny Aiken.)

  5. my kindle paperwhite has something new, that about 6 months ago was downloaded from Amazon, it has the ability now to go forward or backward in a little box. touch the top, touch the bottom and the box comes up.. i love it if i lose my thoughts and want to go back a few pages..


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