Saturday, 7 January 2017

Trains / Trams (Postcards for the Weekend)

My dad was both a stamp collector and a railway/trains enthusiast. The first five cards I found when sorting through his study a few years ago. The first two are still in my possession; the next three have been sent out into the world on new adventures, and I only have the front scanned (not the details on the back).

The first three of those cards are British:

 I'm pretty sure this one was issued at the same time as the first two. In fact the first two should have the same framing as the third. It's my present scanner that for some reason refuses to recognise vague contrasts like beige/white. (The third card was scanned with my old scanner.)

The next two cards are Swedish. If memory serves me right, I think they are from a railway museum in Nässjö.

To finish off, two British tram cards from John in Britain:
(Received September 2015) Liverpool Trams at St. James St---

 (Received August 2016) Eastgate Street [Chester?] c. 1905

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  1. I just LOVE all of these! The first picture, I thought "Well, this is for sure my favorite". But they just kept getting better! All three stamps are awesome and I cannot choose a favorite. And look at the one with all the smoke! I would say that the smoke is more the subject of this one. An aspect of trains that isn't much featured. so those are my favorites. I also love the big double decker buses. I believe now they are red? Is Caerphilly Castle the name of the train? Nowadays trains are so dark and boring. Here, graffiti painters spray paint on them just to cheer them up

  2. Ginny, those old green double deckers from Liverpool were trams, not buses. The London buses are still red,as far as I know.
    Yes, it says Caerphilly Castle on the side of that locomotive so I guess that's its name. It's also the name of an old castle in Wales though.

  3. love that double decker bus and the two steam engines. my favorites are those 3 but I do like all of these. I love trains to

  4. How many trains....makes me want to travel. Have a great day.

  5. Love trains so I enjoyed your post cards a lot.

  6. I love them. I think I've got a stamp with the first train you have shown here.

  7. It's such a great opportunity through your postcards to see the vintage train designs. Thanks so much Monica!

  8. I think I can beat Eva...I had the set of four stamps when they came I was quite pleased to see those post cards! My family were living in the UK and my sister and I collected stamps.

    Lovely cards! Thank you for showing them off!


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