Saturday, 10 February 2018

Postcards for the Weekend: Love / Lovely

Papilio machaon

Papilio machaon (swallowtail)
Postcrossing card from Poland, December 2017

The butterfly is lovely, and I’m sure it loves the flower…

A Curious Encounter

A Curious Encounter 
(Artist: Amy Brown)
Card received from John in England, February 2018

Not sure whether this is love at first sight; but love often starts with curiosity, doesn’t it? Winking smile 

171224 from Jarina 0074

Too-whit Too-whoo, So Cold for ‘oo’
(Artist: Molly Brett, 1902-1990)

▲And ooh, this looks like love, too!▼

171224 from Jarina 0075

There’s Room For You!
(Artist: Margaret W. Tarrant, 1888-1959)

The last two cards both came from Jarina in the Netherlands in December 2017 – and I have to confess it did not strike me until now, that they were painted by different artists!

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Postcards for the weekend 72: Love/Lovely


  1. I love each one of these. This is my favorite collection yet. My favorite is the mouse and dragon.

  2. All the postcards make me think of love, yes.
    I had to read twice the last paragraph... I also thought they were painted by the same artist!

  3. they are all beautiful, i think my favorite is the mouse and dragon... i do love tht little mouse

  4. Also I thought the last two had bene painted by one artist :-)

    Lovely postcards, and having been born in the Year of the Dragon (and having been named 'mouse' in the first month of my life because of my 'kraalogen' eyes, my parents told me later), the book loving dragon and ouse are my favourites, too (and I was lucky to have received a card like this, too).

  5. Lovely postcards, as always. Have a great weekend

  6. What a beautiful choice you have made. I'm particularly taken with the expressions on the faces in 'A Curious Encounter'.

  7. The curious encounter is sweet! Yes, sometimes love starts in unlikely places and situations.

  8. The cloak looks a lovely shelter, its snowing here at the moment.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments :)
    Snowing here again today - winter seems to be far from over!

  10. *gasp* These are all sooo lovely! Thank you very much for sharing these postcards. I especially love your thoughts about the second postcard, mentioning about love at first sight.


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