Thursday, 15 February 2018

Skywatch Friday


Sunrise view from my kitchen window,  8:30 ~ 7.30* a.m. (yesterday)

A sign of spring, even if still very much winter outside! :)

SkyWatch Friday

*Sorry, seems I never set my camera back to “normal” time over winter…
Not much point in doing it now (back to “summer” time in five weeks…)


  1. I love the yellow, turning to peach, then blue. And the tree silhouettes.

  2. Beautiful sunrise and thank you for your thoughtful message.

  3. The tree silhouettes make such a difference, don't they! It would be a beautiful picture without them, but they just add the certain something.

    The sunrise seen from my kitchen window yesterday morning was incredible! The sky was flaming RED, real proper red, glowing as if truly on fire. It only lasted for about 5 minutes; the sky turned grey then for the rest of the day (and today).

  4. our sunrise is 6:20 am, your day light is much less than ours. will it get earlier in summer time? what a beautiful sight.

    1. Oops, this made me think twice, and when checking up on it, I realized that I never set my camera back to “normal” time for winter… Sunrise just now is around 7:30 rather than 8:30. It varies a lot over the year, though. And in mid winter I don't see the sunrise from my windows, that's why it's a sign of spring...

      Not much point in changing the time on the camera back now as we'll be back on “summer” time in five weeks…


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