Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday Shadows and Reflections

2018-03-30 reflection-ball

Playing with reflections and shadows on a playground today! Smile

These shiny objects can be found in a little park near a tall apartment building close to the river.


In spite of sunny weather, it’s still bitterly cold.
The snow is melting away in sunny spots;
but in the shadows, winter still reigns.




Hmm… I think I’d better turn round and take another way here…

Later on, my heart took a little jump for joy when I spotted these tiny signs of spring on a sunny edge of the town park:

2018-03-30 krokus

Only a few steps ahead, it still looks like this:



That mural cheers one up on any day, though! Winking smile

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  1. Definite signs of Spring. Love the fun reflections on the silver ball alonside your shadow.

  2. every single photo is amazing. i love them all.... the sunlight on the crocus coming up is my favorite but all of them could be. love you behind the shiny ball... and you reminded me i have a ball like this in a drawer, it might show up on a post. HA HA

  3. Always loved reflections and got some good ones. That mural is amazing. And I can't imagine living with snow. Bright and sunny here in So. CA. Sitting on my balcony enjoying a soft breeze...wish I could send you some...Have a blessed Easter.

  4. great reflections and shadows.....and spring looks a little bit closer than in my city!

  5. That mural is startling! And I love the collage at the beginning; great shots!

  6. That mural is fabulous


  7. So many great murals in your town! It is warmer here now, with no snow left in my town or O.K.'s village, but the sun is not yet quite as warm as it makes you believe. The next few days are forecast to be an up and down. Nothing we can do about it. Frohe Ostern, Monica!

  8. lovely photos. the mural really made me laugh! awesome!

  9. Cool reflections! I also like the mural.

  10. Thanks everyone for your 'reflections'! :)


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