Friday, 16 March 2018

Spring in Sweden (video)

Love this YouTube video, shared by a friend on Facebook yesterday...
I should add that here in the south, we haven't got quite that much snow... But it is still/again very cold (well below freezing point all day again today - and windy).

"Finally, the first month of spring is here! Sunshine, singing birds and
the best things of all; being able to hang out the laundry to dry in the
fresh air! :D" [Jonna Jinton, "Spring in Sweden", Mar 14, 2018]


  1. I do hope the young lady was wearing warm trousers and boots underneath her sleeveless (!!!) dress! :-D

  2. HA ha! Love it! It was sent to me by my darling son and his partner. Since I last visited your blog (a long time ago), they have moved to Göteburg.


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