Saturday, 24 March 2018

Postcards for the Weekend – Spring

JJ 2018-110

♫ Tulips from Amsterdam… ♫
– or at least from the Netherlands! –

Zomerzegel 1953

JJ 2018-112

*The Spring* by Racey Helps (1913-1971)

Looking up this name in Wikipedia, I was somehow surprised to find it to belong to a male artist. (I must be suffering from prejudices!) Angus Clifford Racey Helps was an English children's author and illustrator. His first notable success as an author and artist came during World War II with stories written for his young daughter Anne. He and his wife Irene, with their young daughter Anne (born 1937), were living in Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Besides running a hairdressing salon, the Helps became hosts to American soldiers; and little Anne was sent off to some place considered safer. She had been used to her father telling her bedtime stories every night; and when they could no longer be together, Helps wrote the stories down for her, with illustrations, and sent them to her. On one occasion a publisher happened to drop in at the Helps hairdressing salon, and picked up one of the handwritten, illustrated booklets; and Helps was invited to London to discuss publication of future work.

All three postcards above sent to me from Jarina in the NL during the very cold month of March, 2018… While here in Sweden we’ve been plodding along in snow; and in the Netherlands they’ve been ice-skating on the canals!

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Postcards for the Weekend: Spring


  1. Tulips are among my favourite flowers (but narcissus smell better). I didn't know Racey Helps.
    By the way: also cold weather in this part of the world (North Morocco), but we don't have snow any more.

  2. The tulips are gorgeous! I think they are called Parrot bulbs; we have a few out back. The little mouse on the swing is one of my favorite cards EVER! It reminds me of your sidewalk painter.

  3. my favorite today is the Mouse not in the house, but in a swing in a garden. so precious. I love tulips to. at first i thought Racey was the mans first name, i like it better as a last name.

  4. The mouse and bending daisy is adorable.

  5. I wish we'll have some of the cold from your part of the world, Monica. Here in Singapore, it's all humid and warm. We don't get snow but we have heavy downpours during the afternoon for the past few days now. At the moment, it's grey and raining outside (4PM Singapore time). These radiant red tulips, delicate white narcissus blooms, and adorable mouse illustration are lifting my mood up! Thank you very much for sharing and I wish you warmer days ahead!


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