Saturday, 23 February 2019

Tulip Time

Meteorologically, it's supposed to be Spring here in the southern parts Sweden now. However, I have not yet found any proof in the form of spring flowers outdoors. (Pretty much the only colour yet to be seen is moss-green...)

But last week, I bought myself a bunch of tulips for Valentine's:

A week+ later, two still standing... But as a goal for my afternoon walk today, I went into town to get some more fresh ones. 

No, I don't usually buy myself flowers every week... 
But in the tulip season, I'm easily tempted to spoil myself! ;)


  1. They are gorgeous!! So pretty that they don't look real. So you are also spoiling US, as well. Our first day of spring is not till the end of March.

  2. Flowers are always good to add a splash of colour after Winter.

  3. My crocusses have been out for a week or two and are now decimated by the gales. Yesterday my first daffodils came out.It's a lovely, warm, dry morning. I'm tempted to get out into the garden.

  4. they are so pretty, and my favorites are the yellow ones that were left standing longer. the color of joy and all of these do say JOY to me


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