Friday, 21 February 2020

Climate Change ? (2010 vs 2020)

21st February 2010

 18th February, 2020 


  1. This pretty much says it all. Sad.

  2. Happens we had lots of rain but the this time last year we had lots of snow

  3. From the other side of the world the temperatures have gone so extreme, we're in a drought while you have too much rain.

  4. 3rd try on typing. first one the whole blog closed. came back the comment disappeared, now lets see what happens. what a difference in the look. the weather is bi polar with wild swings back and forth and not what we are used to. we are hot for 2 days and cold for 2 and back and forth.... can't remember what it typed the first time. publish quickly I am thinking

    1. I can't remember another winter like this one, with almost no snow and ice at all, neither in January nor February. I've seen the river flooding before but then probably later in spring, after a snowy winter.

    2. our weather is like yours, but we are minus RAIN and we need it so badly...

  5. The summers of the last two decades here in Germany are enough proof of climate change for me, and this winter confirms that.
    There are those who reason that it's always been that way, that climate changes have been occurring all through Earth's history. And that is true. But it has not happened so fast, and with such extremes in such a short time.


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