Friday, 14 February 2020

River Reflections

From a walk along the river on a sunny day 1½ weeks ago. 

The top photo is from where a motorway bridge crosses the river. There are always interesting shadow patterns there when the light is right! :) 

The curved building is an old factory, from back in the days when they took pride in the architecture of such buildings. (Regular followers of my blog probably recognize it by now. I walk by there a lot, but in fine weather I'm still often tempted to stop and take up the camera...)

Weekend Reflections


  1. I always enjoy pictures of reflections. The piers in the first one look very streamlined against fierce torrents.

  2. Reflections are good, they make everything look like an opposite mirror image.

  3. ...water makes a wonderful mirror!

  4. Wonderful reflections in the river. Your last shot is sensational.

  5. The light was perfect that day! I do remember the factory buildings from other posts of yours, it is beautiful.


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