Tuesday, 25 February 2020


It seems that Whoever is in charge of The Weather nowadays got tired of the complaints about climate change, and decided to throw down some snow today, instead of rain. (Not sure it helps the situation much. It's only frozen water, after all!)

Our World Tuesday


  1. fickle is her name these days... weather I mean

  2. It's 82° & sunny where I live right now...BUT...in a couple days we're to be under a freeze warning.

  3. It's gone rather cold over night here, but we're expecting 16C by Saturday - completely weird with very quick ups and downs.

  4. Here they just said on the news that this winter has been the warmest in 100-300 years, all over Sweden. (Which means my personal feeling of not having experienced anything like it before must be right!!)

  5. Winter always throws out one last blast before good weather comes.

  6. Climate change is a much better way to describe it than global warming as they first called it.


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