Friday, 5 February 2021

Winter Wonderland

We're still stuck in a cold spell here, with snow on the ground and also on the trees. On Tuesday, with the snow all fresh, no wind, and the sun shining, it was at its most beautiful. I took my camera for a slow walk around the old cemetery in the early afternoon. I was out for about an hour and came back with 60+ photos... Just choosing a few for this post!



  1. 3 and 4 are tide for 1st place of my first place.... gorgeous and spectacular and awesome

  2. Sitting in the middle of gales and rain what would I give for that beauty and a walk in the woods?

  3. These are enchanting pictures, Monica! What better winter weather than snow and blue skies. Yesterday was very spring-like here, with the sun shining brightly until mid-afternoon, and temperatures up to 12 Celsius. Today, greay again but still mild, and 11 Celsius forecast for tomorrow. Then, Monday, we're to expect a drop to 2 C - and snow.

  4. The second and third are my favorites. Second because of the sky view, and third because of the lovely cemetery shot with the snow on the tombstones.


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