Saturday, 15 May 2021

One Day At A Time

It's been an out-of-sync kind of week. For one thing: Spring arrived, then took a step back, then moved forward again, then suddenly threw a massive violent thunderstorm with rain and hail at us, then surprised us with a sunny smile again - only to change its mind once more and pour more water on us today... Not all easy to keep up! 

Thursday (with rain and thunder in the afternoon) was Ascension Day, which is still a public holiday here, in spite of always falling on a Thursday. A bit odd really, as most people nowadays probably don't even know why we celebrate it (even though its name in Swedish is really a lot clearer than both Easter and Pentecost, as it does literally refer to "the day Christ went up to Heaven"). - In the morning, I read a post on Facebook written by the arch bishop of the Church of Sweden, Antje Jackelen. She quoted a comment she had had about this holiday last year (when we were in the beginning of adjusting our lives to various corona restrictions): "Is this the day we celebrate that Jesus started working from home?" and she went on to develop that theme a bit. (Quite a clever take on it, which wouldn't have made half as much sense in 2019; but feeling very contemporary in 2021, with most of us now used to relying more on other kinds of communication than physical meetings.) 

On Friday (sunny), I got up a little bit earlier than usual, as I had an appointment at the hospital for a routine breast screening. (I think these check-ups work basically the same in Britain; and probably in many other countries as well.) I had decided to take the bus there, and perhaps walk back. It would have been my first bus ride in 15 months. However, it did not take place, because I got a text message on the phone that the appointment had been cancelled because of a "stoppage",  and I'd get new invite later. (I think "stoppage" is the best translation of the Swedish word used. I interpreted it as a technical problem, but I'm not quite sure.) Anyway, it meant that quite unexpectedly, I suddenly I had a "free" Friday with no plans at all.

The sun was shining, the air fresh after the rain, and my local newspaper told me that there was going to be a mini version of the traditional spring market in the town square. (B.C. - Before Corona - the spring market used to be a Big event, taking up not only the whole square but also several of the nearby streets.) So I decided on a walk downtown, just to have a little peek. I didn't have the camera with me, but snapped a few photos with my mobile.

The town park was clad in lovely shades of fresh spring greens.

In the square there were a few market stalls giving a "whiff" of Spring Market, but really nowhere near the traditional B.C. atmosphere. (See for example a post from 2015)

I think more people were really attracted to / tempted by the nearby shops surrounding the square. So was I; but I know we're still in a bad situation here with the virus (still too many people in intensive care in the hospital etc). I bought some socks at one of the outdoors market stands, though (one of my spring market traditions). I also went into one clothes shop very briefly to buy a pair of leggings (petrol green), to go with some existing tops in my wardrobe. But further "browsing" for summer clothes will have to wait a while longer.

On my way back home, I passed through another part of the park.

My first ice cream will have to wait until a day when there's no queue! But I was happy to see the white magnolia tree on a sunny day in all it's glory.

So far, not much to complain about, you may be thinking. I agree. The "out-of-sync" feeling didn't really hit me until today, when for one thing it was raining again, and for another, the washing machine in the common laundry room turned out to be broken when I came down to do my washing. Also a kind of "stoppage". (The machine would not open, it seemed to have water left in it, and the problem could not be solved by turning it off and on again). I reported the fault and re-scheduled my booking; it was a bit of extra nuisance, though, since I had already had to postpone my washing this week because of other out-of-sync things. 

Ah well. Now today is almost over; and tomorrow will be a new one!



  1. Everything is so beautiful there. How clever of the Arch Bishop! I always like when you post your market photos.

  2. I know what you mean about an out-of-sync day; we do get them from time to time, don't we.
    Your spring seems to be about 3-4 weeks behind ours here. We've had similar unsettled weather, but magnolias, tulips and flowering trees are well over by now. It looks very beautiful, and don't you just love that "freshly washed" feeling in the air and on everything outside when the sun comes out after a spring rain!

    1. PS: Ascension is called Christi Himmelfahrt in German, also a much clearer term than Ostern or Pfingsten. Same as in Sweden, it is still a holiday in spite of many people probably having no idea of what it is about.
      Also, we have the same system about breast cancer monitoring; women are invited to a screening every couple of years after their 50th birthday.

    2. Meike, I do agree about the "freshly washed" feeling after rain :)
      Christi Himmelfahrt is the exact equivalent of the Swedish name of the holiday: Kristi Himmelsfärd. (Btw Ostern=Påsk, Pfingsten=Pingst...)

  3. First thing is that I had never heard of the colour petrol greed. I looked it up. I like it.

    I have got to the stage in my life where 'stoppages' either irritate me I am indifferent to them. There was a time when I suppose it was less easy to work around such things but these days I tend just to shrug my shoulders.

    It's good to see the Spring Market back even if in a reduced form and as for the blossom that really would lift my heart and soul.

    1. Graham, I'm not sure why they call it petrol, but it seems to be the name in fashion for a whole range of shades of blueish-green these days. (It was on the label of the item I bought, which is why I used it here...) As for things not going quite to plan, somewhere at the back of my mind I seem to be half-prepared for that all the time these days. The corona virus probably can't be held responsible for the washing machine breaking down, though ;)

  4. I love that about Jesus working from Home. very clever. the washer would make me crazy. do you have access to another place, as in what we call a laundromat? one where you can go and put money in and wash clothes, public washers. for Just in case you NEED to... things like that are so frustrating. hope they fix whatever is wrong at the mammo. I had mine a couple of weeks ago. what ever your crazy weather is up to it has ushered in a beautiful spring green...I remember the spring markets from the past 10 years

    1. Sandra, I don't think we have any public laundromats in this city, nowadays. I managed to book a new time slot on Wednesday and am hoping the problem will be fixed by then. If not, there is a bigger laundry room in the next building, which we are also allowed to book (and then two machines at the same time). I never normally choose that option, though, as then I have to carry everything back and forth. In my own building I can take the lift straight down to our smaller room with the one washer, and I prefer that.


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