Tuesday, 3 May 2022

A Walk Across Town

Yesterday I had an appointment to get my 4th covid jab (recommended here for 65+ now). As mentioned in a recent post, since my 3rd one (back in December), not only have they moved the vaccination center, but there have also been also some changes to the bus routes in the city. So I went for a 'trial run' 1½ week ago just to check things out. I'm glad I did, because that meant I didn't feel stressed about it now. It was another beautiful spring day - rather chilly winds blowing, but the sun made up for that. I took a bus about half of the way there ('the middle part'). The vaccination itself went as smoothly as the other times - one has to book time in advance, so no queue when I got there. Afterwards, I went and bought myself a hot dog for lunch, and then decided to walk the whole way back home - which takes me about an hour. 

I followed the river where I could. In some places it's still not possible, but the plan is to continue building footpaths in park-like environment and close to the river more or less all the way through town (north-south).

There are still quite a few old textile factory buildings along the river;
nowadays many of them have been converted for other purposes.


In the building across the water there are student's rooms.
This is close to the university.

Part of the Textile Fashion Center

Old railway station (nowadays offices) and behind that the university


The Textile Fashion Center with Textile Museum and School of Textiles (part of the university). Just now, the building kind of looks like an art project in itself! But I suppose they're renovating the facade.

My favourite sculpture -
House of Knowledge
(by Jaume Plensa)

Flowers in bloom in all the parks now

One of my favourite views with the old church tower in the background

Still some cherry blossom trees in bloom as well!

Classic old cinema theatre to the left

The railway station + travel center for some of the bus lines

When I reach the old cemetery, I'm 'almost' home...

Today, my arm is a bit sore from the jab, and I've been feeling rather tired. But not sure if the tiredness today is from the vaccine - might just as well be from walking, and start of the birch pollen season! 


  1. You can walk for an entire hour? I am so jealous! You must be in great health. I need a scooter for Wal-Mart. This sculpture at the railway station seems to represent chaos to me?

    1. Ginny, yes, I can walk for an hour - and often do, as that is about what it takes me to walk downtown and back again. I prefer to know I have the option of taking the bus if I get tired, though. (On this occasion too, I knew I'd be able to take a bus part of the way if I felt like it.)

  2. What a lovely walk in spring sunshine. No hardship to walk all the way back home through such a pleasant landscape! I do enjoy seeing photos of Boras, but don't recognise anywhere in particular. It was late 60's when we were there, and only for an afternoon and night in late October - so dark very early. I did manage to get some shopping in, as I think mentioned some time ago!

    The House of Knowledge is my favourite sculpture too - the one by the railway station reminds me of the flex for my Kindle battery charger - it usually looks just as chaotic, no matter how neatly I try to wind it up!

    1. CG, Borås has changed a lot since the 60' (and also since the mid 80's when I moved here to live). On this walk, I kept on the outskirts of the city centre, avoiding the shopping streets and the main square etc. Bot the sculptures are fairly new. The one by the railway station is called Devil Whirls and was installed there as recently as last summer.

  3. the perfect day for the walk and the perfect places to walk past. amazing views, my favorite is the same as yours, the old tower. i am thinking the long walk home might have helped with no side effects from the shot. happy you got your 4th, we have not gotten ours yet

    1. Thanks Sandra. My experience from the previous three jabs was that I wasn't likely to feel any side effects until like 12 hours after. And it was really only with the first one that I had a flu-like reaction for a couple of days with a bit of fever etc. Yesterday my arm was rather sore, but today I've hardly thought about it.

  4. You did well in combining what you had to do with something you wanted to do, and the day was just perfect for a walk along the river and across town by the looks of it.

    1. Thanks Meike. Yes it felt like a good day for it. A bit of a chilly wind blowing but on the other hand sunny; and I was dressed right for it.

  5. Even though I've walked with you through Borås for many years now, I still see something new or am reminded of things I've forgotten. I thought that the Plensa 'sculpture' arrived quite a few years ago. Wasn't it at the time when it toured various countries and I saw it when I was in Antibes in 2012. (Heavens - 10 years ago).

    1. Graham, I just checked and the House of Knowledge sculpture came here (to stay) in May 2014. After its tour of the world, it was bought and donated to our city by local citizens or foundations. I remember being extra excited about it as I had seen your photos of it from Antibes before!


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