Monday, 20 June 2022

The End Is Near

Another day with a noisy start to it - but when I got up and looked out, I was happy to see that one of the sources of banging and clanging today was that the roofers had at last started taking down the scaffolding. Yay!! :)
At noon I had an appointment with my hairdresser downtown, and when I got back home from that, I found that the staircase outside the window of my study was gone. And around 4 p.m. (the end of their workday), the result of a day's disassembling was neatly piled on the lawn below:
I guess it will be another couple of days before it's all down, from all around the building - but judging by today, I'd say it looks like they're aiming at getting it done before Friday (which is Midsummer Eve, and a work-free day for most people here). 

The lift installers probably won't be finished by Friday; but at least they're not in the habit of climbing about outside my windows... :) 


  1. Well that's positive, now you can get on with properly enjoying your Summer.

  2. Yay indeed!! And those workers are really exceptionally neat.

  3. I can't help but notice the difference between the neat workmanship of your builders and the haphazard slapdash methods employed by a gang of men building a house next door but one. How they ever find anything is a minor miracle!
    Glad you will soon have your peace and quiet restored.

  4. this is great news... a new roof and NO WORKERS! yay! hope the lifts are repaired soon and by the week end you will be worker free

  5. Thanks all for your comments! And yes, although I'll be glad to be rid of them soon, I have to say I'm rather impressed with how well organised these guys working on the roof seem to be. I don't think they can be accused of having created more disturbance than necessary to us tenants while getting the job done.


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