Friday, 24 June 2011

Midsummer Eve


I woke up early to a grey sky but no rain.
I walked into town and took the bus out of town to Nowhere.


(Intet = nothing or nowhere)
(I love getting off the bus here)


I walked through the woods down to the lake,
where on this chilly morning I had the whole beach to myself.


Well – almost…


And from there through the birch wood…


… to the House…

… where I spent a couple of hours thinking, remembering …
and taking photos to help me continue doing the same at home.

The watercolour was painted by me in the garden in the mid 90’s.



  1. Monica, that first picture is one of the prettiest you've ever posted. And you are so talented with the painting...didn't your father paint? I have a picture of a painting I saved, and I'm thinking it's his?

  2. No Ginny, my father did not paint. My maternal grandfather did though, and my mother had a bit of artistic talent too. My father was an engineer and he had a more "technical" mind.

  3. It is beautiful where you live and you share it so nicely with the rest of us.

  4. Quite a change of scene. I don't recall seeing a painting of yours before. But you know what a bad memory I have.


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