Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Thankful Wednesday*

Thanks to everyone who has been sending prayers and thoughts my way over the past week or two. How ever that sort of thing works, it seems to be working rather well at the moment, so please keep it up! :)

Not that I don’t have my moments of frustration. Today, for example, I was convinced I had booked the laundry room in the afternoon. Well – almost convinced. Just to make sure, I went down there in the morning to check. Turned out that I had made a mistake and had missed my laundry time yesterday! But – tomorrow afternoon was still free, and so was I, so never mind.

Instead of washing, I got my hands dirty today, getting rid of the pansies on my balcony (which were withering in the sudden heat wave that hit us this week) and replacing them with some new plants. (Photos some other day, they’re still in the camera and I’m tired, so for once I’ll do a post without picture.)

In the early evening I spent about an hour searching every nook and cranny of the flat for my pocket diary. Big mystery! It seemed to have vanished into thin air. In my second round of searching I took the opportunity to tidy up a bit at the same time, since I had to lift everything anyway in case the diary was hiding underneath.

Then the phone rang (again) and this time it turned out to be the clergyman who will be holding the burial-service for dad (in two weeks). I had been wondering to myself if I’d have to go out to the village to meet him in the parish hall or something. But it turned out he lives only a few blocks away from me in town and he’ll be coming to me instead. We agreed on tomorrow morning around 10. Since I had just tidied the whole flat looking for the diary, that seemed as good a time as any. Considering the heat we’re having just now that will be the best time too – before the sun hits my living room in the afternoon.

After I put the phone down, I went back into the study and found my diary neatly tucked away exactly where I usually keep it. Just about the only place where I hadn’t looked! (Did I mention my brain does not work very well in temperatures close to 30°C?)


* Some blogging friends do Thankful Thursdays. I’m hoping I’ll still have reason to feel thankful tomorrow as well. But for now, I’m taking one day at a time! ;)


  1. Well, I'm glad you found the diary! Do you have air conditioning? How long will your brother be there? My prayers are with you, please take care of yourself.

  2. Realistically in your present circumstances one day at a time is good. I try and do that but often let the tomorrows get in the way and that's not a Good Thing.

  3. i can't tell you how many times i have done this, look and look and look for something and find it right where it was supposed to be. maybe it was meant to be for you to clean up for the minister to come by. also he comes in the morning and your washing is in the afternoon. so life is working out. i think of you every day and what you are going through. hugs from across the ocean

  4. Sandra sent me here - I'm sorry about your dad. I think it is a good idea to take one day at a time.

  5. Chatty Crone Sandie sent me here -
    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad - My prayers are with you. Seems like you're Swedish, so am I :) Living in Ireland.
    Have a nice evening!



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