Sunday, 2 September 2012

Harvest Festival

Yesterday was the annual Harvest Festival in town,  taking place in and outside the Cultural Centre.


Help to learn to identify various kinds of mushrooms…

CIMG0521  CIMG0522

Poisonous [giftig] or Edible [ätlig]?
I wouldn’t have clue! (so I never pick them)


Apples. Well, at least none of them are poisonus!


Free apple pie and custard served in the theatre foyer



A peek into the theatre auditorium, where a lecture on gardening was going on.


Harvest festival market stalls with the impressive Gustav Adolf church in the background.

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  1. Hello:
    The Harvest Festival looks to have been enormous fun with so many different activities. Surely, something for everyone.

    Friends of ours often pick wild mushrooms and there are special offices in Budapest where one can go to have them identified!

    Thank you for your comment on our blog to which we have made reply.

  2. yum on the free custard table and i like those lighting fixtures in the ceiling. next time you go get a close up of those. the church is just plain wonderful to me

  3. What a wonderful looking display of edible (and not so edible) mushrooms! I would love to see the difference in person - I have only ever picked the morels, because they are so distinctive in shape. I know what they are...the others, not so! Yummy, free custard and pie!

  4. How interesting- I had not ever thought of doing anything more for Harvest Festival than just having a church service and display of products. I know that around now the gardening societies often have their shows, and there are certainly autumn fayres, but somehow it has never been connected in my mind with harvest. Duh. !!

  5. Now you've just made me afncy a piece of apple pie!

    Like you I would never risk wild mushrooms - especially after a friend suffered kidney failure as a result of a misidentification - but I love photographing them and trying to put a name to them.

  6. Oooh I want apple pie, too! With any luck, my Mum will have made some when I go to have lunch at their place some time this week :-)
    Funny that giftig is exactly the same word in German.

  7. Apples aren't poisonous but I believe that if you happen to have a craving for apple pips and then eat an eggcup full then you may die of cyanide poisoning.

    1. I never knew that. But I'm not in the habit of eating the pips anyway.


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