Monday, 17 September 2012

Home Sweet Home


My home has been “upside-down” the last week…

“Factually” I was only expelled from home for about eight hours on Thursday (because of a change of windows in my flat, see previous post). It was a fine early autumn day at that (chilly winds, but sunny), and I tried to make the best of it. And yet it felt like an awfully long day (with nowhere to lie down for a bit of a proper neck-rest); which made me realize how lucky I am, not only to have a place to call home at all, but one where I feel at home, and normally quite like to spend as much “hometime” as I usually do/need to.

I don’t mean “realize” like in never having thought about it before (because I have); it just hit me a bit more forcefully than a normal day, as I found myself aimlessly wandering some unknown streets in town, with Paul Simon’s “Homeless” popping up in my head…

So when I got back home in the late afternoon, to my upside-down home, and was met by another realization – that new windows do not equal clean windows, but windows that need extra cleaning before anything else can be done – I decided not to complain but just take my time about it… and be thankful… First of all that the building is being kept in good repair; and second that the timing was “as good as it gets” with this kind of thing. (I much prefer September to December, which is probably how long it will be until they get through all the buildings on the estate.)

I was actually back on wi-fi already on Friday, but my computer has remained “off” the whole weekend, as I’ve been putting my energies towards restoring my home to normal.

Now I’m off to the dentist’s; life goes on…


  1. I would go crazy if someone said i had to leave my house for 8 hours. welcome home and enjoy those new and now clean windows. those poor people who will be out in the snow in DEC...

  2. To be fair no one actually said I had to stay away. I had the rehab pool in the morning and after that I did pop back home for half an hour to get rid of my wet things and to check that the job had been started. Then I went out for lunch; and decided not to go home again until I thought they'd be finished.

  3. I'm sure it was worth the wait, always nice having new windows put in. Good when the cold winter comes :) Have a lovely evening!

  4. Well, usually when people go to work in the morning they don't come back home for at least 8 hours (more likely 10 or more), which is what was normal for me until I started working from home 1 1/2 years ago.
    Just like you, I love my home; every time I've been away (like this past week when I was holidaying on Majorca), I love coming home, and I am very, very grateful for living where I do!
    You are so right - if this job would have been done in December, you probably wouldn't have been out for so many hours but moved from room to room, depending on where the work would have taken place in the course of the day.

    1. Meike, 10 hours a day away from home used to be normal for me as well, until a seemingly minor accident twelve years ago turned into chronic neckpain and suddenly and forever changed my whole concept of "normal" - not only for work, but also for holidaying/travelling.

  5. I love working at home and groan every time I have to commute into the office.

  6. You made me think that I have to call the window cleaner, lol ! and yes I too appreciate my home sweet home and certainly not a visit to the dentist !

  7. It was probably sensible to get out and leave the installers to it. But when your neck hurts, there's no place like your own comfortable chair.


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