Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Windows Upgrade IRL



I’ll be “off blog” for a couple of days, because of a change of windows. Not Windows, mind, but windows!

Just spent a day taking down all my curtains and removing flowerpots and “stuff”, preparing the way for the Big Job which is planned for tomorrow.

Before I got started I told myself not to panic.  There’s not all that much stuff just in front of the windows… the only heavy piece is the desk in the study… and if I take out the drawers… and getting curtains down is less of a problem than getting them up again… I can do it

Half way through, I wondered: Where does all this stuff come from? And, more importantly, where am I going to put it?? Because they’ll be doing all four rooms… And not only do they need elbow room when working at the windows, they also need to be able to get to the windows (carrying windows!)…

Phew. Well, it’s Wednesday evening, and now there’s a strange echo from the keyboard because of no curtains and carpet in the study, and I just sincerely hope I won’t need anything from the bottom desk drawer as the drawers are piled up in a different corner of the room than the desk itself, which is shoved to the side (I hope I don’t need anything from the bookshelves either).

Later tonight I’ll disconnect the modem and the router, because they “live” close to a window too.

In the kitchen there’s just space enough for me now to have breakfast at one corner of the table tomorrow morning before I make myself scarce (going to the rehab pool – and after that I’d probably better have lunch in town).  Before I go I shall have to make my bed and take down the bedroom curtains and place those on the bed because that’s really the only space left I can think of…

Wish me luck. I can only hope they do get all four rooms “done” tomorrow, or I might end up spending tomorrow night on the sofa, draped in curtains…


  1. Hello:
    How brave of you! This all suggests to us a great deal of stress and much in the way of work. Chance what is involved for the people coming actually to fit the windows. We do indeed wish you luck.

    Meanwhile our window frames merrily continue to rot!

  2. It will be worth it when the wind and freezing snow is driving against the new windows.

  3. Det kommer att vara värt allt besvär i slutändan :) Skönt med nya fräscha fönster!
    Ha en skön kväll.

  4. i hope they do it in one day, i would freak out with no curtains. and it is amazing when we go to move things how much is there that we don't notice.

  5. Good luck! I hope it's a warm, calm, dry day! Enjoy your lunch in town and your time in the pool.


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