Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What’s New?



I bought new curtains for the kitchen – decided I needed a “treat” after all the work put into getting my home back to normal after the change of windows.


A friend came by on a surprise visit yesterday and insisted that she wanted to buy me flowers - she didn’t want to buy them before she came as she wasn’t sure I’d be home… So I ended up going with her for a short walk to the nearby florist’s and got to choose which ones I wanted. I picked the cheerful orange chrysanthemums for a bit of autumn colour.


The white cyclamen I got from another friend three weeks ago… Last Friday, she moved to Australia! (It has not quite sunk in yet that she’s actually gone…)


Here, autumn is upon us now, with the trees changing colours from one day to another…


Today has been one of those days when the weather shifts from minute to minute  - and we even had sunshine and torrential rain simultaneously!


The last three photos are from a short walk this morning (in rain and sunshine).


  1. What can be nicer than new kitchen curtains. Your's are so lovely, and cheerful. I like the look at your window.

    The fall flowers you chose are so colorful, all the photo's are stunning.

    How nice to stop by for a visit. Wish I had another piece of coffee cake to share.

  2. Your new kitchen curtains are very pretty! I don't have curtains anywhere in my flat, but I certainly wouldn't mind those.
    And how sweet of your friend to stop by and buying you flowers.

    1. In Sweden I think it is most unusual not to have curtains, unless a window is of an unusual shape or position or has a really spectacular view outside. Strikes me when I read your comment though, that I've never actually been inside a private home in Germany; so I don't know if your choice not to have any is personal or "standard" where you live.

  3. your curtains are really pretty and so are those new windows. your kitchen looks so bright and cheery and that photo of the cyclamen is spectacular.

  4. What soft, light and pretty new curtains!

  5. I was a little hesitant about the curtains in the store but I like them better every day since I got them up.

  6. Interestingly one of the things that struck me when I used to stay at Klaaswaal in Nederland was the lack of or lack of use of curtains. I could walk along the dyke bank and see into all the houses on a dark evening. We must have had bedroom curtains unless we just used shutters. I have curtains on Lewis in my living and bedrooms but never use them; favouring the horizontal blinds which are also fitted.

    1. We usually have curtains AND horizontal blinds. The primary purpose of curtains here is not usually to shut out light; even in the old days I suspect it was more to do with isolation from draught and cold. And nowadays it's as much to do with decoration and general atmosphere as anything else. I have fitted blinds in all my windows, that's the standard here. The only room where I have curtains of the type that you can also easily draw vs open is the bedroom. (I draw them at night in the summer but in winter the blinds are enough.) In the other rooms, the curtains aren't of that kind. But I can't imagine being without them - while they were down, my home did not feel like my home...

    2. Ooops, that should probably be INSUlation from draught and cold... ;)


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