Friday 5 October 2012

Kindle with EcoFlip


I suspect that most international readers of this blog already know what a Kindle looks like, but all of you might not be familiar with the EcoFlip cover, which I bought with it. I really find this to be an excellent accessory to the Kindle itself. (Click the link to see a demonstration video.)

There are lots of various covers you can buy to protect your Kindle and/or make it look and feel more like you’re holding a real book… But this one I find really clever; especially for anyone with difficulties holding things/books for too long.

Instead of opening sideways like a book, the EcoFlip flips open the other way, like this:


And then you can fold it back and either stick your hand into the pocket on the back to get a steady grip…



… or you just let it stand on its own.



So here I am, sitting in my comfy chair, with the Kindle standing on a pillow on my lap. And all I have to do to turn the page or access menus is to tap the screen.


One thing I really LOVE about the Kindle is the built-in dictionary!

By now some of you are probably wondering: What on earth is she reading?! To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure. It’s a free book I happened to find quite randomly when browsing the fantasy section:  Homes for Gnomes by Stewart Thompson (never heard of him). A contemporary British satiric fantasy novel on the borderline between funny and crude. I got drawn into it… but I haven’t really got a clue yet where the story will be going in the end. I think I’ll wait with the review until I do!

I haven’t had all that much time to just sit and read since I got the Kindle (yesterday!), but I’m already beginning to think that I’m going to find it easier to read on the Kindle than on paper. Being able to adjust the font and size really is a major advantage when one has neck- and eye problems. I won’t have to give up on books because of small print. I also find the gray background quite restful with regard to my PVD (and should perhaps be grateful I did not get the new Kindle Paperwhite?).


  1. Monica, the EcoFlip cover looks like a very good accessory for the Kindle indeed! I got my Kindle back in March and use it often, both at home and while travelling, but I haven't got a cover for it; it just goes in my handbag when I'm out and so far, it has taken to travelling quite well.
    I hope you'll make fun discoveries just like I did, browsing the free ebooks on Amazon! Out of the 80+ books I downloaded, I still have not even read 1/4 of them, I think, so there are many more surprises in store for me.

    1. Meike, I've downloaded quite a few free classics already, some that I already have as paper books since before, but also some I have not read.
      I do like the Flip cover that I bought. I also prefer the feeling of holding a soft leather cover rather than the "bare" Kindle. But of course the Kindle takes up less place in the handbag without any cover at all ;)

  2. i don't know how i missed this, i came here now in my reader and found 3 that i have not read. they are showing in reader so i am wondering why i missed them. i can tell you love your kindle as much as i love mine. i could not read mine standing up because it is not touch, it looks good to me. i have 15 books downloaded, have read and returned 3 books from the library and read 3 books and deleted them in addition to the 15 waiting. what i do with my cover, is when i get tired of holding it like a book, i change the view of the page and can hold it with the flap at the top. i change it up often when i get tired of holding it one way. i think the cover is important, i did not like holding it without the cover.

    1. Sandra, Thanks for mentioning the possibility to change the view of the page, I had not discovered that yet but now I've found it.

  3. I have a similar sort of cover which I do find handy. When I read with my lunch (instead of doing a crossword) it is great to be able to stand it on the table in front of me. The stands I had for paperbacks never quite held the book properly once a certain point was reached.

    1. I am well familiar with the problem! (getting paperbacks to actually stand on various kinds of stands, I mean)


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