Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Teaser Tuesday: One Lane Bridge

“Around that bend he would come upon either a wide, two lane crossing with low concrete sides or a large, old-fashioned steel-trestle one lane bridge. He was prepared to be shocked either way. And he was.”

From One Lane Bridge: A Novel, by Don Reid

Found this book temporarily free for Kindle yesterday. It seems still to be free today… Started reading it yesterday evening, got quickly drawn into it… Involves time travelling, but I have no idea yet where exactly it will be taking me!


  1. Time travel books are good. Speaking of which, do you ever watch Doctor Who? You would like it I think, it is a time traveling doctor who has been alive forever and has several hearts, but needs human companionship because he is the last of his kind. BBC. Kindle has a book each day for 99 cents, too.

  2. Ooh, time travel is awesome, and I second the Doctor Who recommendation. Great show :)


  3. i like time travel books... yesterday i borrowed a book from the library, i put my name on the list for it about 3 months ago. got the email and now i am half way through it....

  4. I like the simple cover. I'm not much for time travel, but if it's still free, I might give it a try.
    Here's my teaser....

  5. wait....what? I have a love/hate relationship with Teaser Tuesdays=)

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