Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Still Waiting

Today, mid afternoon, I got first an email, and then a phone call from my new internet provider, announcing happily that now I should be able to connect to the new cable. I was busy just then doing laundry; so I waited until I was done in the laundry room to try it.

Do you think it worked?


Right: Empty promises…! I still just get  “Unidentified network” and “No network access”…


So I called to complain report. One reason I chose this company was their generous support hours… Or so I thought.


Someone answered the phone readily enough – only to say that sorry, the support guys had gone home at 4.30 pm. But she’d leave them a message for tomorrow…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be out though, so remains to be seen when we’ll get things figured out!

Meanwhile, my old broadband is still working – at least today – so no real panic yet. Just a bit of frustration…


If you’re wondering what it is you’re looking at in these pictures – so am I! Ever since last year, they’ve been digging and renovating and building at this site and I still haven’t got a clue what it is they’re actually going to DO here. Easter Sunday I took a walk in that direction – not having been that way since Before the Snow; months ago. I was able to walk around the whole empty site now, but I’m still as puzzled as before. The only thing that’s obvious is that they think they’re going to need lots and lots of parking space!


The site is close to the little park where I go looking for butterflies in the summers. It’s not been quite the same since all the digging started at the opposite end of the park, though…



  1. Nice working hours - going home at 4.30! I wonder what time they start in the morning...
    Sorry to hear this is becoming so frustrating for you.
    My guess about the construction site is a new shopping mall / huge supermarket / b&q kind of thing.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Meike, if it was to be a supermarket or shopping mall I think I would have heard about it. The buildings don't look suitable for shops, and they also would not need powerpoints at every parking space for short term parking. What puzzles me most is that there seems to be more parking spaces than buildings to contain people working. Ah well... Maybe some day I'll find out...? (rewriting this comment because of spelling and other mistakes)

    3. "powerpoints at every parking space for short term parking." ??? I don't understand. Obviously a system we don't have over here. An explanation would be interesting, please, Monica.

    4. Oops, John - I guess that was bad grammar as well as not knowing the proper terminology. Does this make more sense: "short-term parking for customers (as at a supermarket or shopping mall) would not require electrical powerpoints at every parking space, where people can connect their block heaters to keep their cars warm in winter". These can be found in some parking lots where you rent your own space, or some employers may provide them for their employees, or I suppose they could be intended for vehicles used professionally.

  2. It should be really fun following you this summer and seeing the stages of this unfold and guessing what it is. Well, It is so good that you can at least post!!! Let us know what happens tomorrow!!!

  3. I hope the broadband changeover eventually goes smoothly. Meanwhile I am eternally grateful that I actually have broadband even though it's exceptionally slow by most standards at 2.58 Mbps.

    1. 2.5 is what I have now, Graham. What I hope to be having soon is 50!

  4. How frustrating. Your photos of emptiness and slowness and incompleteness reflect beautifully your internet situation...

  5. Hopefully your new internet service provider will get all the kinks sorted out soon. It's a good thing you're still riding on the old service for now.
    My internet service provider has a tech support which is available from 7am-11pm every day. What I like is that I can get help with other queries re: Windows, router, program interface problems etc....they're very helpful, and I'm thankful for the service that I have.
    Keep us posted on the outcome of the large parking space and its surroundings.

  6. Good luck with the Broadband.

  7. it sure is an ugly sight now, but i do hope it will be something beautiful when they are done, your town seems to always build beautiful and artistic things. right now in these pics, can't see that though... hope the internet cooperates today.

    1. I very much doubt this site will ever win a beauty contest. My bet is it will be housing a lot of big vehicles (and some offices), but we'll see.

  8. Those cotton reels must have held an awful lot of cotton!


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