Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Excitement of Spring

We’ve been having a beautiful spring weekend here. Excellent weather for photography – even if still a remarkable lack of greenery.

Yesterday I walked into town and back twice, for the clothes swapping event. Here is a photo I snapped in the town park, but forgot to include in yesterday’s post. As far as I know it had nothing to do with the clotes swapping event as such…  It just looked like they could have benefited from taking part! :)


These two girls were both dressed in the same kind of silly overalls – and seemed to be headed towards the Green Rabbit… (Notice the green ears sticking up in the background above!) In case you don’t know our Rabbit, it is a sculpture formally entitled Mate Hunting:

Chasing the Rabbit-001

(Collage using a summer photo of the Rabbit.)

As for the whats and whys of what was going on, your guess is as good as mine: Student thing?? Hen party?? Just going crazy celebrating the arrival of Spring?? :)





  1. Good to see that you have both spring and your fair share of lunatics.

  2. love the flowers, and happy you have decent weather for getting out. the jump suits they have on look very much like what prisoners wear in jail here in the USA... can't even begin to imagine what they were doing and dressed like that, so i am voting for crazy women drunk on spring weather

  3. Spring sunshine, silly people and beautiful flowers. What more does a post need?

  4. You funny ladies made me smile and if something makes me smile, it's not necessary to know the details. Your spring flowers cheer me, too.

  5. Beautiful flowers for the beginning of spring there. The people in the strange suits, so funny, seems there is always a mystery of sorts going on there.

  6. Maybe these two in the funny overalls were simply out to take pictures for their blog :-)

  7. Whatever the ladies were up to, it must have been something interesting....wonder what though?


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