Thursday, 11 July 2013

Before You Leave… (The House of Glass IV)

Before you leave The House of Glass, you should remember to also visit the toilet – even if you don’t feel urgent need to!


The walls are decorated with old newspapers; which was customary in outhouses in the “good old days”. Everything in here was spotlessly clean and shining though. And you needn’t worry about running out of toilet paper:


I forgot to take photos of the doors – they were in the style of old outhouse doors too (but no peepholes!).


  1. I've enjoyed the visits to the house of glass.

  2. you know i am loving that toilet paper ART... i bet they put all that TP there so no one would rip the newspapers off the walls.
    when i was growing up in KY no one could afford newspapers, but they did us Sears catalogs and old magazines..also corn cobs...

  3. Not many outhouses had a wash basin either - well not in the UK.

    1. Not in Sweden either, GB. When I was little my grandparents still used their outhouse in the summer (they also had a WC down in the cellar in the house but there was no wash basin down there either - just an old bath tub, and walls, floor and ceiling were "raw" grey concrete). There was an outdoors water pump positioned between the House and the outhouse in those days. They did also have running water in the kitchen + one little wash basin upstairs though.

  4. One could hang out in that outhouse toilet for ages, considering how much reading matter is available, and one would never run out of toilet paper. That's what some men would call a man cave toilet....

  5. Was the wallpaper from real newspapers? It looks good, although I don't think I would want it at home.


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