Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Birthday to Postcrossing

Postcrossing is celebrating its 8th birthday this week.
I’ve only been taking part two months, but in that time I’ve received 28 cards.  :) Here are the latest:

Postcrossing 130705

1. Seals from the Netherlands.
2. Multiview from Brussels, Belgium.
3. Window + door from Germany.
4. Schloss Neuschwanstein, Germany.
5. Lapp from Finnish Lappland.
6. Street view from Kamyanets-Podilsky, Ukraine.

Postcrossing 130716

1. New South Wales State Library, Australia
2. Flat Iron skyscraper, New York City (built in 1902)
3. Valencia, Spain
4. Cartoon card from Finland (in Swedish):
”What project would you be starting on today, if you knew beforehand that it would turn out a success?”
5. Greetings from Culemborg, Netherlands
6. Balinese Carving Doors from Bali, Indonesia


  1. they are all really great. i love the German door and window and the flat iron sky scraper... i have seen that sky scraper in a lot of movies made in NY... but that photo of it makes it look flat and it is not flat.. more like a wedge

  2. What a great collection of cards. Such variety! To me, the most intriguing is the one from Bali.

  3. One from Bali - how lucky! And that Street view from Kamyanets i8s wonderful.

  4. It's certainly an interesting way of connecting with people all over the world.

  5. These are all SO good!!! I really need to sign up, just can never find time with so much blogging and church work and still having pain and healing from my fall.. I am still hoping to get around to it! I have saved your e-mail about it in my in in-box.


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