Wednesday, 6 November 2013

City Lights

The last weekend in October we set our clocks back to winter time (or “normal” ditto). While I do appreciate getting the lost morning hour back, the flipside of the coin is that instead the afternoons suddenly seem very short. Just now the sun goes to bed around 4:15 pm – and it will get worse before it gets better!

Having a choice, I usually try to do my errands in town while there is still daylight – and avoiding the afternoon rush hours. Yesterday, however, I happened to be out “late” (as in half an hour after sunset), which offered an opportunity for some “night” photography:



Only three weeks to go before there will be Christmas lights in some of the big old trees in the park as well!


The main reason I was out and about in town in the dusk/dark yesterday was another discount shopping night for club members at my favourite clothes shop…

2013-11-05 Borås by Night, clothes


  1. they look like they will be nice and warm and also very pretty... love those night shots, so glad you stayed out to get them. i am never out in the evening, i drive in the dark early AM but we don't pass anything that has lights on that early... so i am thinking i will not be learning nightshot skills.

  2. Marvellous pictures, and I like your choice of clothes, especially the cardie with the sparkly bits. Yes, Christmas lights are soon going to be put up here in town, too; I am looking forward to the festive season, but not to the long dark and cold nights.

    1. Ditto from me. I love the cardigan! But of course here we have to wait until about 10pm to enjoy the lit-up houses and then after Christmas there's the lovely long, hot summer stretching away until the end of March. I have a Canadian friend who thinks Christmas is really weird here, even tho' she's lived here for 15 years...

    2. Thanks, Meike and Katherine. I just could not resist that sparkly cardigan... Now I just have to come up with a good occasion to wear it! ;-) Actually I think it's a good item for me though as it can be worn with either of my new winter skirts (one black, one multi-coloured grey/black/bordaux) or with black trousers.

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The dark luscious night blue color you got, I am in LOVE with these. Plus the night reflections. I cannot imagine when there are Christmas lights, surely you cannot make this any better. This is the kind of picture I just feel like I can just fall into it. You really should make a collage and display these somewhere!

  4. I got SO wrapped up in the pictures I forgot to say your time is much like ours, turn back at the end of October, now dark before five, I HATE it! Five hours of beautiful evening light all gone! I do NOT see a reason to keep doing this, why can't they just leave time with lots of light and never change it? But I do remember we talked about this years ago.

  5. Amazing shots. I love dusk shots, where the sky is still blue, but the lights of the city are on and everything is bathed in warm lights.

  6. Beautiful night shots! You live in a lovely spot.

  7. Night time photos are not my forte, but these photos are so beautiful.....great job!
    Love your new sparkly burgundy cardigan too.....what better way to acquire new clothes than at a discount price....lucky lucky you.

  8. Wow! These are beautiful shots...probably one of (the few, in my opinion) benefits of short days. But a good sale makes the excursion worth it. Nice new "feathers" (as my husband calls them).

  9. The lights and reflections lend such a wonderful new dimension to the cityscape. Your sparkly cardie sort of echoes the theme.

  10. Thanks. As I said in the post it's not so often that I'm in town after dark... I considered myself very lucky indeed that day, as I managed to combine a photo opportunity with a couple of good bargains! :)


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