Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More Cherry Blossom Trees


The weather has been a bit chillier this week, but the upside is that we get to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossom trees a bit longer.






  1. They are gorgeous!! I think I like your pale pink closeup the best. Just the palest whisper of baby pink, I love it!

  2. Just lovely PINK blossoms. I love it!
    JM, IL

  3. Beautiful! The cherry tree in front of my kitchen window has now lost nearly all its (white) blossoms and is covered in tender green leaves.

  4. I love pink....and now you've made me want to go out and buy a new pink summer dress.

  5. these are all Perfect Picture Postcards... you should make you own postcard to mail to your group

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. And yes I do sometimes use my own photos for postcards and birthday cards etc. :-)

  7. I can't remember when I last saw cherry blossom. I do love it and can even recall photographing it as a teenager. It does look beautiful in the setting of your home area.

    1. For some reason, from my childhood and teens I don't remember any trees like these at all. Thinking about it, one reason is likely to be that we moved to a newly built house in a countryside village when I was 5, and then to a bigger new house when I was 10, and all the neighbouring houses and gardens were new as well. It was a countryside village, from our back yard we could walk straight out into the woods. Lots of spruce and pine, but no "park trees". And the fruit trees in our garden were all planted new, and it does take years for them to grow big...


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